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Most UK shops such as Next, M&S, Debenhams, Office Shoes, Tesco Direct, Argos, and House Of Fraser have a January Sale - also known as a New Year or Winter Sale. They often represent the best time to pick up a bargain with the best deals being offered at sale time.

To ensure you don't miss out on any of these bargains we provide regularly updated details of all the seasonal clearance sale start dates including those starting in December 2016 (often on Boxing Day) in addition to the traditional January 2017 sales. We have details for hundreds of UK shops so you'll be the first to know the answer to 'when does the Next sale start?' or 'when does the Monsoon sale end?'. Here are the top 10 events:

The Latest Clearance Events

Discount Supplements clearance now on Discount Supplements
Save up to 50% in the Bulk Up Sale.
Updated: 10-Dec-2016
Ending: 11-Dec-2016
Event now on

Photobox clearance now on Photobox
Save up to 60% in the Photobox Flash Sale.
Discovered: 10-Dec-2016
Stops: 12-Dec-2016
Event now on

Van Mildert clearance now on Van Mildert
Save up to 50% in the Sale Preview at Van Mildert.
Started: 10-Dec-2016
Event now on

Dash Fashion clearance now on Dash Fashion
Save up to 50% in the Dash Fashion End of Season Sale.
Discovered: 09-Dec-2016
Event now on

Jacques Vert clearance now on Jacques Vert
Save up to 50% in the Jacques Vert Christmas Sale.
Started: 09-Dec-2016
Event now on

Eastex clearance now on Eastex
Save up to 50% in the End of Season Sale.
Updated: 09-Dec-2016
Event now on

Precis Petite clearance now on Precis Petite
Save up to 50% in the Sale at Precis Petite.
Started: 09-Dec-2016
Event now on

Guess clearance now on Guess
Save up to 50% in The Guess Winter Sale.
Began: 08-Dec-2016
Event now on

Daniel Footwear clearance now on Daniel Footwear
Save up to 50% in the Winter Sale.
Began: 08-Dec-2016
Stops: 15-Jan-2017
Event now on

Laura Ashley clearance now on Laura Ashley
Save up to 50% on Home & Fashion in the Winter Sale.
Began: 08-Dec-2016
Finishing: 29-Jan-2017
Event now on

MyProtein clearance now on MyProtein
Save 50% + Save an Extra 16% in the Protein, Pills & Amino Sale - Code: SIXTEEN
Submitted: 07-Dec-2016
Expires: 08-Dec-2016
Event now on

All Saints clearance now on All Saints
Save up to 40% in the All Saints End of Season Sale.
Began: 07-Dec-2016
Event now on

Chesca clearance now on Chesca
Save up to 50% in the Chesca Sale Collection.
Added: 07-Dec-2016
Event now on

Book People clearance now on Book People
Save up to 87% in the Flash Sale.
Added: 07-Dec-2016
Finishes: 07-Dec-2016
Event now on

TDF Fashion clearance now on TDF Fashion
Save up to 50% in the Sale at TDF Fashion
Updated: 06-Dec-2016
Event now on

La Redoute clearance now on La Redoute
Save up to 50% in the La Redoute End of Season Sale.
Began: 06-Dec-2016
Event now on

Tokyo Laundry clearance now on Tokyo Laundry
The Christmas Jumper Sale is On at Tokyo Laundry - Tshirts from £4.99 & Jumpers from just £9.99
Updated: 06-Dec-2016
Event now on

All Beauty clearance now on All Beauty
Save up to 70% in the Ana Sui Sale at All Beauty.
Submitted: 05-Dec-2016
Finishes: 11-Dec-2016
Event now on

My Duvet and Pillow clearance now on My Duvet and Pillow
Save 20% + FREE delivery when you spend over £75 in the My Duvet and Pillow Sale - Code: winter
Updated: 05-Dec-2016
Expires: 16-Dec-2016
Event now on

Theatre People clearance now on Theatre People
Save up to 60% in the Theatre People Winter Sale.
Submitted: 05-Dec-2016
Event now on

Harrod Horticultural clearance now on Harrod Horticultural
Save up to 35% in the Christmas Sale.
Submitted: 03-Dec-2016
Event now on

Wayfair clearance now on Wayfair
Save up to 70% off in the Wayfair sale.
Added: 03-Dec-2016
Event now on

Moss Bros clearance now on Moss Bros
Save up to 50% in the Moss Bros End of Season Sale.
Added: 03-Dec-2016
Event now on

Carpet Right clearance now on Carpet Right
The Carpet & Bed Sale is On at Carpet Right.
Started: 03-Dec-2016
Finishing: 20-Dec-2016
Event now on
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Benefits To You

Some of the best events are offered by fashion, catalogue and electrical stores that frequently offer 50% or even 70% off normal prices - representing massive deals on big purchases such as furniture (beds, sofas etc), fashion such as clothes & shoes, books, mobile phones and other electricals or electronics including laptops, computers, PCs, LCD & plasma televisions and kitchen appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines and other equipment. This time of year is also a great time to pick up the latest games consoles such as the new Playstation or Xbox machines at great prices!

High street clothing retailers such as Marks & Spencer and Boden often offer the best in womenswear, menswear, children, kids, and baby sales with the Next Sale being probably the most popular!

Top Tip: Give gift vouchers to your friends & family at xmas so that they can be used to pick up cheap bargains in the clearances. They will often end up with 5 or 6 presents instead of the one you could afford at pre-sale prices - especially at clothing stores.

Although January sales are often highlighted on the homepage of a store website, they can sometimes be difficult to find, particularly a week or 2 into the event. This is where our web site is a big help - where possible, we link directly to the featured discount pages on the retailer's site so that you can start shopping immediately and ensure you pick up those bargains before they go out of stock!

Post Christmas is also the peak holiday booking period so we also include travel deals from hundreds of top travel agents or companies such as Butlins, Thomas Cook, Expedia, Sunshine, Thomsons, EuroCamp, Siblu, On The Beach which often include many ski deals.

If you are visiting the site in the Summer months you'll be pleased to hear that we keep the site up to date throughout the year so you'll be the first to hear about current clearances including Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and End of Season Sales.

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