Summer Sales Information For 2022

The Summer Sales are all about fashion and accessories with some of the UK's top designer stores entering sales mode from June onwards. As the season moves on and the nights draw in, all shops start their clearances to make space for the new Autumn lines. If you're travelling to foreign shores in the colder months, for example a week away during October half term or spending Christmas on the beach, then this represents an amazing time to pick up some quality beachwear and other Summer clothing at low, low prices! Don't forget to pick up the cheap sun tan lotion and shades whilst you're at it.

If you're planning to entertain at home look out for cheap garden furniture and barbeques as most people will have already bought theirs, meaning shops are trying to clear these large items. More importantly, check out the supermarkets for cheap Prosecco, Pimms and Beer!

Top tip: always check the quality of the items you buy and don't forget to check the returns policy.

This page showcases all UK Summer sales starting between 1 June and 30 September. Sales starting in October or November can be seen in our Autumn Sales Section.

Click the image above to see the new UK Spring Sales list, or continue reading for our expired Summer Sales information.

Sales Information From Last Summer

Summer 2022 is too far away for us to receive notifications about new sales so we will continue to display last Summer's sales to provide an insight into which retailers run a sale event at this time of the year and a rough idea of the level of discounts offered.

Running Commentary (Last 20 Updates)

  • Update issued for the Big Green Smile 20 percent sale at 10:20am, 29-Sep-2021.
  • Update issued for the Joules 50 percent sale at 10:09am, 29-Sep-2021.
  • Update issued for the Ski France 45 percent sale at 1:16pm, 25-Sep-2021.
  • Update issued for the Debenhams 50 percent sale at 2:17pm, 22-Sep-2021.
  • Update issued for the Bensons For Beds 50 percent sale at 7:24pm, 25-Aug-2021.
  • Update issued for the Jack Wolfskin 30 percent sale at 10:08am, 09-Jul-2021.