Winter Sales Information For 2020

Whilst most 'January Sales' end on the 31st of January, or earlier, some linger on and become classed as Winter Sales. New Winter sales may also start in February and these often offer fantastic bargains on coats, hoodies and designer boots. If there's a gap in your wardrobe for such items, now is the ideal time to pick them up at low prices.

For those who have booked a late skiing holiday in March or April this year, it may be possible to find some quality ski equipment and accessories on offer in the sales as retailers realise that most people will have already returned from their trip.

This page showcases all UK Winter sales starting between 1 February and 29 February 2020. Sales starting before the 1st of February are classed as 'January Sales' on our site and can be viewed on our homepage. Sales starting in March, April or May onwards can be viewed in our Spring Sales Section.

Sales Information From Last Winter

Winter 2020 is too far away for us to receive notifications about new sales so we will continue to display last Winter's sales to provide an insight into which retailers run a sale event at this time of the year and a rough idea of the level of discounts offered.

Running Commentary (Last 20 Updates)

  • Update issued for the Smiggle 50% sale at 8:57pm, 26-Feb-2019.
  • Update issued for the Cycle Surgery 70% sale at 8:52pm, 26-Feb-2019.
  • Update issued for the Oakley Sunglasses 50% sale at 4:50pm, 22-Feb-2019.
  • Update issued for the Build A Bear 50% sale at 1:38am, 21-Feb-2019.
  • Update issued for the Expedia 45% sale at 9:04pm, 19-Feb-2019.
  • Update issued for the Budget Air sale at 1:36am, 12-Feb-2019.
  • Update issued for the Toni & Guy 35% sale at 9:44pm, 11-Feb-2019.
  • Update issued for the Cotswold Outdoor sale at 7:39pm, 08-Feb-2019.
  • Update issued for the Nuance 50% sale at 9:14pm, 04-Feb-2019.
  • Update issued for the Laithwaites sale at 4:59pm, 03-Feb-2019.